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DD's Landscaping

All aspects of landscaping and synthetic lawns commercial/domestic.... more »

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DecoR Pebble Aust.

roofscaping. DécoR Stone aims to be leaders in providing sustainable design solutions and practical landscaping solutions in both commercial and ... more »

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DD's Landscaping & Artificial Grass

Landscaping & Artificial Grass provides other landscaping services, including paving, decking, retaining walls, designer lawns (including synthetic & ... more »

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 Landscapeology is a landscaping consultant and contractor located in Melnourne.... more »

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Eco Landcraft

We at Eco Landcraft supply top of the range quality product and material supplies. If you need eco supplies, come to Eco Landcraft for a bargain on quality landscaping ... more »

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Platypus Ponds

... more »

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Repeat Signs

The sheltered, landscaped grounds of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens hold historic plant collections and a large number of significant trees, many dating ... more »

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John French Landscape Design

 John French Landscapes is a multi award winning leading Landscape Design Melbourne based company.  We specialise in residential and commercial garden ... more »

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Australian Garden History Society

Researching, enjoying and preserving Australia's gardening heritage, horticulture landscape design and architecture.... more »

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Oxfam Australia

Australia's leading agency working with communities around the world for solutions to poverty and social injustice... more »

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Uneeda Bricks

Uneeda Bricks have a large range of recycled and second hand bricks for your building, landscaping, renovation or repair needs.Trying to match existing bricks?Our ... more »

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Applied Horticultural Services

Applied Horticultural Services is a sustainable approach to landscape design and construction.  Applied Horticultural Services also design and install irrigation ... more »

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Natural Inspirations

Natural Inspirations aims to create unique sculptural features, to enhance any garden, with a flair for the unusual. Natural Inspirations creates water ... more »

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In early 2010, Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery, Australia’s multi-Award winning propagation nursery, acquired Austraflora Pty Ltd from Bill Molyneux ... more »

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Aquaseeding Services

AquaSeeding Services Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company principally engaged in revegetation, spray seeding and erosion control. AquaSeeding operates a ... more »

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Botanical Traditions

We at Botanical Traditions form a good partnership with our clients to create unique and suitable landscape design.Our landscape designs here at Botanical ... more »

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Buffalo River Native Nursery

Native plants - a good range of trees, shrubs and groundcovers at Buffalo River Native Nursery. Almost all of our plants here at Buffalo River Native Nursery are ... more »

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Apples and Jam

Apples and Jam is for everyone who delights in naturally kidding around.A place of laughter and discovery, our living classroom weaves planet friendly practice ... more »

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Insulfluf Australia Pty Ltd

 We are Australia's only Manufacturer and installer of Insulfluf with over 40 years of experience.We are also a supplier and installer of Polyester, Glasswool, ... more »

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Native Seeds

At Native Seeds Pty Ltd we want to see our beautiful Australian landscape and pastures flourishing with attractive native flora and fauna. We aim to provide ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Landscaping Products

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Passive Solar Design

the sun inactively heats construction temporarily in warmer months, they employ shading diplomacy such as eaves and landscaping to remain the house cool. They ... more »

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Dd'S Landscaping Dd'S Landscaping

Landscaping in Melbourne, Australia makes available all kinds of landscaping services, including paving, decking, retaining walls, designer lawns (including synthetic ... more »

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Australian Native Grasses - a manual for sowing, growing and using them by IH Chivers and KA Raulings

and descriptions of grass seedlings in the two and three leaf stage. Various native grasses can be used for landscaping and gardening, for lawns, for revegetation, ... more »

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At Applied Horticultural Services, we design and construct your new landscape as part of our quality landscaping services. Contact us to find out more about what ... more »

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Tree & Stump Removal Tree & Stump Removal

Tree elimination is an essential part of landscape management. Daryl's Tree Care and Surgery has careful elimination of trees from crowded landscapes for provides ... more »

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Imported Natural & Manufactured Stone Imported Natural & Manufactured Stone

In creative hands decoration stone Aust. TM aesthetic magic provides perfect combination of both indoor and outdoor design. Until now this attraction and stylishness ... more »

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Site Preparation Site Preparation

At Flora Victoria they realize that the results of any seeding process depend on the main three factors which are as follows: - 1. Weed control 2. Rainfall ... more »

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Protecting The Bush And Its Wildlife Protecting The Bush And Its Wildlife

They have an exceptional chance to help care for their antique Australian landscape and its exclusive animals and plants. By constructing a legacy to Bush Heritage ... more »

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Australian Native Plant Guide Australian Native Plant Guide

The Eco Voice - Full Colour with luminous images. The Eco Voice is a precious resource and companion (friend) for the Australian nature lover, farmer and gardener. ... more »

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Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Services Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Services

Tree pruning and tree trimming is required to help your landscape flourish. Tree trimming addresses architectural tree care concerns such as safety, structural ... more »

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Canberra's Garden Heritage

Canberra is a garden, but according to members of the ACT/Monaro/Riverina Branch of the Australian Garden History Society, it's true in the broadest sense. ... more »

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