Conservation in VIC

Conservation Companies

26 listed

The Wilderness Society

managed to achieve protection of over 8 million hectares of wild land and other areas in Australia that are needy of... more »

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  • community groups
Victorian National Parks Association

Bushwalking and conservation.... more »

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  • environmental planning
Sanctuary Magazine

Association, a not-for-profit organisation that has been promoting sustainable building, renewable energy and water conservation since... more »

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Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Conservation Foundation is committed to inspiring people to achieve a healthy environment for all Australians. For 40 years we have been a strong voice ... more »

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Goulburn Valley Environment Group

The Goulburn Valley Environment Group is a non-profit environmental conservation community group based in the Goulburn Valley.... more »

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Natural Resource Conservation League

Conservation League (NRCL) aims to draw attention to the importance ofsustainable usage of natural resources and provides hands-on encounters with ... more »

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Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Orangutan Survival Foundation).BOS works under an official agreement with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry for the conservation of orangutans and their ecosystem ... more »

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  • forestry
Australian Wildlife Protection Council

and mounds of dead kangaroos and emus following the round ups after clearing".He sought help from the police, conservation and animal welfare organisations ... more »

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Renew Magazine

technology for a sustainable future, features the latest in sustainable building practice, renewable energy and water conservation. It demonstrates the technology ... more »

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National Centre for Marine and Coastal Conservation

Offering higher eco education opportunities on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, the National Centre for Marine and Coastal Conservation runs programs to educate ... more »

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  • conservation
ERT Consulting

about the care, rehabilitation and release of wild life Encouraging eco education of the community about the conservation of native fauna and its habitats, assume ... more »

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  • green education
Australian Platypus Conservancy

which still surround the species. In particular, the Conservancy is conducting a wide range of research projects, conservation programs and environmental educat... more »

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Quench Solutions

sustainable water conservation shower uses around 4 litres(1 gallon). Enjoy long hot powerful showers without guilt about wasting water, using around 4 litres ( ... more »

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Armacell Australia

the Armaflex brand of thermal insulation. Armaflex is best known as pipe insulation, where it is suitable for energy conservation on both hot and cold pipes. Armaflex ... more »

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  • eco power
Ripple Products

message. Our range of Shower Timers are used in educational campaigns nationally and internationally - where water conservation needs to be communicated. Our clients ... more »

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David Tatnall

support for the establishment of new national parks. David Tatnall  has been described by the Australian Conservation Foundation as conservation's ima... more »

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Mulbury Gallery

Mulbury Gallery supplies and manuafactures both outdoor and home products. We aim to promote conservation and sustainability and so most of our products are manufactured ... more »

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  • conservation
Birds Australia

Australia is the oldest conservation organisation in Australasia. We began life in 1901 as the Australasian Ornithologists Union but have since simplified our trading ... more »

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  • geological consultants
Australian Reclaimed Timbers

WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, is the global voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment.... more »

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  • eco timber
Our Water Our Future

projects to boost water supplies for Victoria's cities and towns. It includes information on water restrictions, conservation and efficiency, schools programs and ... more »

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  • homes
Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary

Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctuary devoted to the protection and rescue of injured and distressed wild animals. Jirrahlinga ... more »

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Marine Educational Society of Australasia

Marine Educational Society of Australasia (MESA) is a national organisation that aims to bring together all people with a passion and love for the marine and coastal ... more »

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  • association
Shape Our Future

Sustainable business consultancyAs a not-for-profit organisation we lead, develop and influence business and community to a sustainable future through visioning, ... more »

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  • conservation

Kilargo helps our customers and clients make the right choices for the best buildings. We are all about provinding simple and smart solutions to building integrity, ... more »

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  • green building
Australian Ethical Investment & Superannuation

Australian Ethical Investment specialises in environmental and socially responsible investment. Investments aim to avoid harming people and the environment. Australian ... more »

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  • renewable energy

LETS in Australia

LETS in Australia stands for Local Energy Trading System and it is a community-operated not-for-profit trading system which allows all members to trade goods and ... more »

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  • conservation
Eco Xpo

Conservation Products

12 listed

Historic Heritage Historic Heritage

or integrated within a broader environmental context, NGH heritage have the skills and experience to undertake conservation planning and assessment for places of ... more »

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  • Environmental Planning
Volunteers Are A Vital Part Of Bush Heritage

000. They facilitate at working bees and as volunteer rangers on reserves, and also in the Bush Heritage Australia Conservation Support Centre which is in Melbourne. ... more »

  • Environmental Management –
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  • Melbourne
Environment Environment

Scoodi firmly believe that a "throw-away culture" is not sustainable & provides you the tools you need to get and keep things in use. This helps make ... more »

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  • assocaition
Environmental And Sustainability Education Environmental And Sustainability Education

Resource Conservation League's Environmental and Sustainability Education program are based at Warburton on the Warburton Highway & utilize this spectacular ... more »

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  • Eco Education
Water Community Grants Water Community Grants

Conservation Systems creating a real difference to the system of communities which is using the Australian water resources. The Australian Government's Water Community ... more »

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  • Eco Water Conservation
Community Services Community Services

& Wildlife Sanctuary service clubs feel honor to arrange for a guest speaker to offer a thoughtful speech on conservation and the dangers encountered by our ... more »

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David Tatnall David Tatnall

have been involved in achieving civic encouragement for the formation of new national parks. The Australian Conservation Foundation as conservation's image-maker ... more »

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Private Prescribed Fund

may have previously made a contribution to the Australian Conservation Foundation in the past and, in responsibility so, helped them to shelter the Great Barrier ... more »

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Weed Control In Remnant Vegetation Weed Control In Remnant Vegetation

Flora Victoria has wide-rang of experience carrying out weed control in high quality remnant Grasslands and Grassy Woodlands. Our plant organization skills ensure ... more »

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Land Clearing Land Clearing

The Wilderness Society is a community-based environmental support organization whose mission is defensive, promoting and restoring wilderness and natural processes ... more »

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Murray River Turtle Murray River Turtle

The Murray River turtle is a fast swimmer with claw like flippers. It likes to live where there are riffle zones and rapids in the river because it likes the fast ... more »

  • Queensland –
  • Conservation –
  • Research
Victorian Butterflies and their Food Plants Victorian Butterflies and their Food Plants

Victorian Butterflies and their Food Plants (V.B.F.P.) is a user-friendly guide for the butterflies of Victoria and the plants that they required for their caterpillars. ... more »

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