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Skilled Roofing

principles and we do this by using environmentally-friendly materials, create roofs and getting systems that can deliver clean water for recycling and insulation ... more »

  • eco roofing –
  • green roofing –
  • skilled roofing
Tersus Green Cleaning

Tersus provides quality non-toxic cleaning service for homes and offices in Sydney. We clean not just for appearance but also to promote hygiene and environmental ... more »

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  • eco homes –
  • cleaning

claudios cleaning services

of dirt and bacteria, and also requires less cleaning chemical usage at your facility.     In order to clean professionally, cleaning companies must understand ... more »

  • eco cleaning –
  • green cleaning –
  • cleaning services
Fresh Green Clean

Green Clean makes green cleaning easy and professional. We train and consult to professional cleaners, building managers and children's services. Through education ... more »

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  • eco cleaning –
  • green cleaning
No Wet Car Clean

equipment on board, even our own power supply.  We are professionally trained to hand wash and polish your vehicles, clean inside & out, protect the paintwork ... more »

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  • cleaning –
  • eco car wash
Green Clean

Our staff at Green Clean use environmentally friendly products to clean your home, your office, your carpets and your mattress. Give us a call today.... more »

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  • eco cleaning –
  • green cleaning
Clean Up Australia Day

Up Australia Day is a national day that aims to to inspire and work with communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. Since 1989 an 'average Australian ... more »

  • environmental management –
  • environmental planning –
  • eco cleaning
Naturally Clean

Clean catalogues 100% natural laundry and cleaning products - which are safe for you and the good for our environment.  Our eco products has no soaps, chemicals ... more »

  • natural –
  • natural products –
  • organic products
Floor Scrubbers by Duplex Cleaning Machines Australia

Scrubbers by Duplex Cleaning Machines Australia. New eco friendly scrubbers that will clean your floor in no time at all. For the best environmentally friendly ... more »

  • cleaning –
  • green cleaning –
  • eco cleaning
Canberra Eco-Clean

Eco-Clean. At an affordable price, our staff at Canberra Eco-Clean will make sure your clothes are as clean as new and make sure we use environmentally friendly ... more »

  • cleaning –
  • green cleaning –
  • eco cleaning
Enviro Clean

Clean is economical, quality performance, environmentally sensitive cleaning products for your home and business. Enviro Clean has no fillers, no chlorine. Laundry ... more »

  • environmentally friendly cleaning –
  • australian green businesses –
  • sustainable cleaning
Bio Eco Clean

Eco Clean is a commercial cleaning company that provides clients with a healthier, greener clean while helping to reduce their carbon footprint. Bio Eco Clean use ... more »

  • green cleaning –
  • commercial cleaning –
  • non-toxic cleaning
Clean Energy Council

Clean Energy Council is the top body representing Australia's clean energy sector. We are an industry association made up of more than 600 member companies operating ... more »

  • green energy –
  • associations –
  • energy
Clean Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions is a small consultancy of chemical and electrical engineers. We also use networked resources (including: experts in effluent treatment, quality ... more »

  • eco energy –
  • green energy –
  • energy
Clean & Care Global

Clean and Care Global... more »

  • australian eco kit home –
  • affordable eco homes –
  • carpet cleaning
Clean Earth Homes

Clean Earth Homes, we offer a catalogue of environmentally sustainable and Fair Trade homewares, furniture, appliances and bedding. Most of our eco products are ... more »

  • eco homes –
  • homes –
  • eco home
Australian Cleantech Consulting

CleanTech facilitates and delivers Australian Clean Technology projects on behalf of both investors and project proponents. In addition, Australian CleanTech provides ... more »

  • sustainable energy –
  • renewable energy –
  • water management

Clean TeQ, we as an Australasian environmental and mining services group, are focused on developing, commercialising and selling air purification, metal recovery ... more »

  • renewable energy –
  • sustainable –
  • recycling
Cleantech Ventures

ventures features capital fund management which is focused on investments in companies developing clean technologies. Cleantech, or clean technologies, are technologies ... more »

  • recycling –
  • renewable energy –
  • energy efficiency
Cleaner Climate Australia

Climate is a climate change consultancy specialising in clean technology solutions to industry and eco companies.  We also offer cutting edge, low-carbon programs ... more »

  • green companies –
  • environmental assessment –
  • climate
Clean Technology Australasia

Technology AustralAsia is committed to cleaning up and thoroughly developing the cleantech industry in Australia as well as Asia.  We aim to maximise investment ... more »

  • green business –
  • renewable energy –
  • environmental management
Clean Green Print

Clean Green Print process has been created by Print Bound. Clean Green Print have chosen low emission inks and eco solutions. We have a complete waste management ... more »

  • green printing –
  • eco-printing –
  • printing
Clean Food Organic

truly brilliant book, Clean Food organic, it is a classic” - Senator Bob Brown, The Australian Greens Clean Food Organic is a magazine which talks about making ... more »

  • organic –
  • organic food –
  • fruit
Ergon Energy: Clean Energy

Owned by the Government of Queensland, Ergon Energy: Clean Energy is an energy corporation that serves more than half a million customers by providing ... more »

  • eco power –
  • energy –
  • eco energy
Clean Energy for Eternity

Clean Energy for Eternity has established community solutions to climate change.... more »

  • green energy –
  • climate change –
  • Climate Change Consultants

EE-Enviclean® - a uniquely formula product, often dubbed as the “magic powder” by customers is a highly versatile, amazing dry absorbent /cleaning ... more »

  • eco cleaning –
  • green cleaning –
  • clean
The Planet Earth Cleaning Company

For 14 years we have helped our corporate clients to be sustainable and provide exceptional cleaning. Most of our products we use are sourced from renewable and ... more »

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  • eco companies –
  • cleaning
West Coast Pressure Cleaning

Our range of TWELVE magazines and FIFTEEN web sites cover a variety of industrial and technology sectors, providing decision makers with up-to-the-minute new product ... more »

  • cleaning –
  • green cleaning –
  • eco cleaning
Eco Carpet Cleaning

Eco Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning - Environmentally friendly using natural citrusBaby and pet safe – non-toxic solution SERVICESFor the following ... more »

  • cleaning –
  • green cleaning –
  • eco cleaning
Advance Enviro-Clean Pty Ltd

Advance Enviro-Clean provides a true eco-friendly alternative.We not only provide green cleaning but also a high level of sanitisation.We acheive this with the ... more »

  • eco cleaning –
  • green cleaning service –
  • environmentaly friendly cleaning
Sustain Show Green Expo

Clean Products

69 listed

Tahitian Breeze Roll-on Deodorant Tahitian Breeze Roll-on Deodorant

our Tahitian Breeze Roll-on Deodorant, you will be able to stay naturally clean and fresh all day. The eco deodorant is crafted witha warm and balmy blend of intense ... more »

  • Chemical Free Deodorant –
  • Eco Cleaning –
  • Eco Deodorant
Daily Cleaning Instructions Daily Cleaning Instructions

boundaries where urine can gather. The use of detergents is not essential; just spray Uriclean onto the urinal and swab clean with a throwaway cloth. A whole collection ... more »

  • Uriclean –
  • Cleaning –
  • Spray
Roof maintenance

your roof will significantly improve its durability and avoid premature leak and structural issues. The Territory Solar Clean is a Australian owned business consisting ... more »

  • Cleaning Solar Panels –
  • homes –
  • eco homes
Eco Carpet Cleaning

without using chemicals that are nasty to the environment. We will firstly use a very powerful vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet then apply our Green cleaning ... more »

  • Cleaning –
  • Eco Power –
  • Cleaner
Professional Safe Cleaning Training

Green Clean gives a commercial and domestic cleaning expert with professional training from an experienced trainer in Professional Safe Cleaning Practices. Safe ... more »

  • Rain –
  • Cleaning –
  • Cleaning Products
Auto And Cleaning Auto And Cleaning

days of 'watering' your drive are thankfully now long gone. Nevertheless, we still require to Smart Approved WaterMark clean Auto and Cleaning our cars, bikes and ... more »

  • Cleaning –
  • Cars –
  • Eco Car Wash
Fresh Green Cleaning - Community Workshops

Green Clean has a practical and fun workshop that assists participants to radically reduce the impact on their health and planet, while still achieving really safe ... more »

  • Home Cleaning –
  • Cleaning Products –
  • Eco Cleaning
Cleaning & Maintenance Cleaning & Maintenance

fast, secure cleaning CertainTeed's Cleaning & Maintenance products are used for: Glass Clean the glass from inside and out as regular. The gap between panes ... more »

  • Cleaning –
  • Glass –
  • Cleaning Products
Australia Heads Towards A Clean Energy Future One Budget At A Time

Systems IS The Clean Energy Council, the peak national industry body for the clean energy and energy effectiveness sectors, said the Rudd government supplied on ... more »

  • Cleaning –
  • Eco Cleaning –
  • Green Cleaning
Clean Energy Council Clean Energy Council

Clean Energy Council greets your involvement in it's for the opening most important yearly clean energy industry event: Clean Energy Council Conference and Exhibition ... more »

  • Councils –
  • Eco Cleaning –
  • Eco Conferences
Clean Technology Solutions

Clean Technology Solutions offers preserving Materials & Energy through Cleaner Production Engineering. CADSIM-Plus get assistance and Application from Clean ... more »

  • Cleaning –
  • Eco Cleaning –
  • Eco Engineers
Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning by Green Clean - use us for the following 8 reasons: 1. Environmentally friendly using natural citrus. 2. Stains are specially treated with ... more »

  • Eco Friendly Mattress –
  • Mattress –
  • Eco Carpets
Biodegradable Eco Stain Remover

Winning Colours Stain remover is an eco friendly cleaner that truly works. It is designed to clean up all sorts of stains on most surfaces and fabrics, such as ... more »

  • Eco Cleaning –
  • Biodegradable –
  • Homes
Bio-Bicycle Clean Bio-Bicycle Clean

Litre Nature's Style Magic Car Wash's Bio-Bicycle clean is now offered with spray top. Nature's Style Magic Car Wash's Bio-Bicycle clean is well-matched with carbon ... more »

  • Cleaning –
  • Cars –
  • Eco Car Wash
Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

a healthy radiance. 1). Circumstances skin with creamy mango butter 2). Massage onto damp skin, work into lather and... more »

  • Eco Office Cleaning –
  • Green Office Cleaning –
  • Eco Cleaning Products
Natural Oxygen Bleach Natural Oxygen Bleach

and removing organic stains like coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices, foods, sauces, grass and blood. You can use it to clean fabrics, plastics, fibreglass, porcelain, ... more »

  • Eco Laundry Products –
  • Environmental Retailers –
  • Green Laundry Products
Mr Sandless Wood Floor Cleaner

Sandless Wood Floor Cleaner allows you to clean your floors without harmful chemicals! The number one way to dull your flooring or damage your finish is to clean ... more »

  • Environmentally Friendly Flooring –
  • Flooring –
  • Green Eco Flooring

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