Eco Modern Essentials

We at ECO Modern Essentials are a Gold Coast-based wellness brand and specialise in essential oils that are 100% pure and support overall health and well-being. Through our business, it is our mission to induce the healing qualities of aromatherapy, which is an ancient therapy carried around by several generations across the world. 

We want to harness aromatherapy to modern day living through our products. With the increase in toxins and chemicals in products around us we feel that there is an urgent need to have natural alternatives to as many products as we can. 

We at ECO Modern Essentials believe in a way of living which is respectful towards the nature, indulging in self-care and care of the environment. We have special oils to help you fall asleep better and those that promote immunity. Check out our various essential oils that are vegan and cruelty free, Australian made and owned, 100% pure and 100% recyclable.

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