Waste Companies

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Zero Waste South Australia

objective of Zero Waste SA is to promote waste management practices that, as far as possible, eliminate waste or its consignment to landfill, advance the development ... more »

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No Waste

and wastage services that are offered throughout the ACT.  This includes residential collections, recycling and waste services, and waste management, ... more »

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Wren Oil

here at Wren Oil are the leading Western Australian waste oil recycling and refining eco company, working to assist the business world with its waste oil management ... more »

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Tox Free Solutions

Free Solutions Ltd (Tox Free) is one of the largest integrated waste management and environmental service businesses in Australia specifically focused on the provision ... more »

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Recycling Near You

here at Recycling Near You run an eco website that permit you to find locations where you can recycle your waste locally by just typing in your postcode. Please ... more »

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Collapsible Bin Company

has a carry weight in excess of what most people can lift, load tested to 30kg. Our clients include the Local Government, waste collection services, retail nursery ... more »

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Tip Top 'n' Tidy Waste & Recycling Service

here at Tip Top 'n' Tidy Waste & Recycling Service are very committed to delivering an eco waste service which is professional, reliable and efficient. ... more »

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Advanced Plant Nutrition Pty Ltd

is an innovative new recycled product from Advanced Plant Nutrition Pty Ltd derived from waste glass that has been shown to significantly increase plant nutrient ... more »

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Vets All Natural

at the University of Queensland have developed a way of recycling the waste twice over to clean the water and produce energy in the process. The experimental technology ... more »

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Measurement Plus

•    Oil and Gas •    Mining •    Water and Waste Water •    Boilers and Steam Generation •   ... more »

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Wheel-A-Waste, we know that waste disposal can be a difficult problem, no matter what sector you're in whether it be industry or renovating your house or even managing ... more »

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Here at SCRAP, we work in the business of sustainable buildings, worms and worm farming, waste minimisation and recycling, water and energy saving, environmental ... more »

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system (AWTS) transforms wastewater into clear, odourless water for use on your lawn and garden. With a range of waste water treatment systems available we can ... more »

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Aerobin is a technological breakthrough in home and garden waste management. It promotes aerobic break down of organic matter, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. ... more »

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Earth Basics

responsible eco products to suit the modern lifestyle. Earth Basics has set up a program for best practice waste management. This educational program includes a ... more »

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Global Renewables

biological treatment that maximises the recovery of recyclables from household rubbish and processes the organic waste to produce a quality organic growth media. ... more »

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Cooberrie Worm Waste Management

Cooberrie Worm Waste Management provides eco services, specialising in compost toilets, waste management and worm farms. We are 100% Australian and aim to give ... more »

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Signal Waste & Recycling

WASTE & RECYCLING provides to the private, commercial / industrial, local, state & federal government sectors throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area, ... more »

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JMP Holdings

products include AS4736:2006 approved biodegradable and compostable supermarket and retail bio-plastic bags, recyclable waste wood pallets, recycled slipsheets, ... more »

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PFR Agricultural

Agricultural is a supplier of Orkel compactors for baling loose waste products and a contract baling service for recycled plastic, stock feed and other organic ... more »

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and we are leading the way in non toxic, environmentally friendly products for domestic, commercial or agricultural waste management use.</p> <p>We ... more »

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Otway Ranges Environmental Network

Campaign for zero waste in Australia.... more »

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Biozone Waste Treatment

At Biozone Waste Treatment, we specialise in the environmentally treatment of waste products - including waste water. We aim to treat the environment with ... more »

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Final Solution Holdings

Enviro & BMH Energy Regional Agent.Waste to Fuel equipment, including the worlds biggest shredder, from receiving raw materials through to and including storage ... more »

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Karratha Environmental Crushing

If you are looking to secure disposal of eco construction and demolition waste, look no further than Karratha Environmental Crushing. It is best to ensure that ... more »

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Take 3

The Take 3 moral is easy: pick up just 3 pieces of garbage with you when you leave the beach, lake or anywhere at all and you will have made a difference.... more »

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Clevedon Salvage

Clevedon Salvage is an eco Australian own business which specialises as scrap metal merchants. Please give me a call and I'd happy to answer any questions you h... more »

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City Water Technology

City Water Technology is a proprietary limited eco company.  We mainly provide technical advice on water, wastewater and environmental issues.  City Water ... more »

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Echoadelaide was created to help alleviate a growing landfill problem, by keeping good used stuff from getting thrown away!... more »

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Eco Xpo

Waste Products

17 listed

Recycling Detection

our website, you can use our recycling detection system to find out where you can recycle your waste. Make sure all your unwanted material is treated in an eco ... more »

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Research to Help the Environment

energy, waste) Domestic mobile garbage bin audits (garbage, recycling and organic) Landfill and transfer station audits Waste Management Plans and Strategies Education ... more »

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E-Waste Recycling

and environmentally responsible disposal of electronic waste has become a major environmental issue. Such electronic waste often contains toxins and hazardous substances ... more »

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Free Soft Plastics Recycling

These include a variety of items including bread bags, cookie packets, frozen food bags and magazine wrap. All the waste you recycle goes into the manufacture ... more »

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Eco Friendly Waste Management Eco Friendly Waste Management

at Envirofriendly, we are a cost effective, one-stop full liquid waste management service. We are known to apply scientifically proven, environmentally friendly ... more »

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  • Waste Liquid

Free Solutions has individually developed and incorporated Waste Management System (IWMS) which can be traditionally designed for your company's needs. The IWMS ... more »

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Waste Management

Eco Lodges, Waste Management go away behind the "3 R" principle of reusing, reducing and recycle with less waste, pollution and environmental collision. ... more »

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Midi Steriliser Aws36 To Aws47 Midi Steriliser Aws36 To Aws47

Clinical Waste's AWS36 to AWS47 nominal 1,000 liters to 2,000 liters (100 to 200 kilograms) Low cost and successful waste handling No Emissions to Atmosphere ... more »

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Sustainable Waste Management Sustainable Waste Management

Environmental has consistently demonstrated leadership in sustainable waste management. Continually researching international practices, we have informed the development ... more »

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  • Wastewater Treatment
Rota-Loo Toilets

approved in every state in the country. They are one of planet's finest composting loos, and are able to convert fresh waste into organic humus. Yes, these eco ... more »

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Connell Wagner

4) Environmental audits and investigations 5) Stormwater management 6) Water and wastewater management 7) Waste management 8) Air, noise and water monitoring ... more »

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Why Electronic Recycling is Important Why Electronic Recycling is Important

such as cadmium and beryllium. These are dangerous to the natural environment and to our human health. With electronic waste recycling we can help reduce the volume ... more »

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Super Natural Super Natural

Aqua Claus's Super Natural Wastewater Treatment System processes domestic manure in the same way as the it, even though it will further treat the wastewater to ... more »

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Environmental Wastewater Management Course Environmental Wastewater Management Course

Here at Whitehead & Associates Environmental Consultants, we offer environmental training with one of our most popular courses being the Land Capability Assessment ... more »

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Vermiculture As a Tool for Domestic Wastewater Management

This paper discusses issues surrounding organic waste management, which has become somewhat of a problem due to unsustainable practices. "Sewage ... more »

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The Scorpion The Scorpion

Redback Grinder Co produces Scorpion measurement series 2190SC-600HP WOOD WASTE: - a) MILLG.V.M. 22 tones b) On tandem 14 tones c) On kingpin 8 tones d) LENGTH ... more »

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Impacts of Butt Littering Impacts of Butt Littering

At ButtFree we are an anti butt littering organisation. We are here to encourage all smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts thoughtfully.  One of the ... more »

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