Pipe Companies

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Armacell Australia

manufactures the Armaflex brand of thermal insulation. Armaflex is best known as pipe insulation, where it is suitable for energy conservation on both hot and ... more »

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AVK Australia

for the water, sewage, gas and firefighting industries.Our product program comprises a large range of valves, hydrants, pipe fittings and accessories, each complying ... more »

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Water Leak Detection Equipment

Detection & Locating Equipment to all Australian States and Territories and Worldwide.Our Product range includes: Pipe & Cable Locators,Sondes & Sonde ... more »

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The Green Pipe

Green Pipe® is a recycled plastic (HDPE) drainage pipe manufactured from consumer waste plastics. Available Australia wide in 6 sizes from 250mm to 600mm diameter ... more »

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Australian Electric Vehicle Association

petrol powered cars to high efficiency, zero emission electric cars. Zero Emission Electric Cars do not have an exhaust pipe and are powered by a battery. They ... more »

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Water Industry Alliance

It includes international water companies, national firms and well established local companies. They offer cutting edge technology and extensive manufacturing expertise ... more »

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Wet earth irrigation

Wet Earth Irrigation is Australia‚Äôs premier online supplier of eco friendly irrigation equipment. We offer a large range of irrigation equipment delivered directly ... more »

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AllFlow Supply Company

AllFlow Supply Company markets, distributes and warehouses high quality piping and flow control products. We offer components fit for purpose and provide value ... more »

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Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT)

The Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the science and practice of trenchless technology for the ... more »

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Temporary Flexible Downpipe

What does TFD stand for? Definition of Temporary Flexible Downpipe (building construction) in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Pipe Products

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Water Diverter Water Diverter

your water container.  That a simple & effective device which is simple to establish, available in kit form, pipe requirements to be added, that is near ... more »

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Wind Generators

etc. For established your wind generator on the top of the tower so it secure extremes of wind, we required to build a pipe based tower.The AirX is a direct inheritor ... more »

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Tanks Tanks

Features: - 1) Food grade virgin polyethylene 2) Delivery arranged for mostly all areas 3) Revolutionary and easy-fit pipe outlet to sump 4) Exclusive sump ... more »

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Skylights Skylights

Energy Efficient Product's Skylights collect sunlight and accomplish it down a philosophical pipe into a gloomy room to present brilliant luminance. New skylight ... more »

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Penkivil Street Penkivil Street

Safe and Sound lagging efficiently installed pipe lag to the devastate pipes for this unit block in Penkivil Street, Safe & Sound Insulation Bonded for Andrew ... more »

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Product Technology

product has stretchy polymer light fibers pipe daylight to the central core of a multi-storey construction. Collector is situated anywhere on an exterior wall or ... more »

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RPT Culverts & Crossovers RPT Culverts & Crossovers

Green Pipe is preferably suitable for culvert and intersects applications. When used with RPT's exclusive headwall, it simplifies have intersect requirements. To ... more »

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New Range Of Flow Meters New Range Of Flow Meters

John Morris Scientific ADFM's advanced flow algorithms automatically adapt to changing hydraulic conditions within the pipe. This removes the need for in-situcalibration ... more »

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Flopro Flopro

FloPro velocity sensors to produce superior results under a wide range of hydraulic operating conditions. Even when the pipe slope is unknown or under full pipe, ... more »

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Eco Shower Products Support Eco Shower Products Support

out old shower and clean the thread of wall pipe with the use of brush or moist soft cloth. 2) Attach a new shower, or add one only full turn with spanner. 3) Enfold ... more »

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Awma Piping Awma Piping

for outstanding customer service, providing on-site explanation, assistance, support and training for our clients. Pipe up to 1000mm in diameter can be angle or ... more »

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Reservoirs Reservoirs

Hobart water is a company which is composed and treated, it is piped to eight reservoirs dotted around Hobart, forming the major storage space points for approximately ... more »

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Mount Wellington Mount Wellington

Hobart Water as rains sweeps across Tasmania from the west or south, it falls on the mountain which forms a natural, high barrier. Water cascades down a number ... more »

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Wood Products Wood Products

Beca Simons's is a professional forest product team which Provide the wood product, Beca Simons* delivers incorporated engineering services to the MDF, LVL, sawn ... more »

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Systems For 100Mm, 150Mm, 200Mm, 250Mm & 300Mm Pipes Systems For 100Mm, 150Mm, 200Mm, 250Mm & 300Mm Pipes

Hydrosmart International's Pipes bigger than 80mm have need of 2 or 3 Hydrosmart units fixed so the antennae are between 5 and 15 meters individually. These systems ... more »

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Action Tanks Flush Diverter Action Tanks Flush Diverter

The Action Tanks Flush Diverter offers 20 litres minimum of impure water treatment with every rainfall significantly improving the quality of your drinking water. ... more »

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Gas Hot Water Gas Hot Water

They are 30% more efficient than gas storage heaters as they only heat the water when of need. Insolar recommends an award winning continuous flow gas water ... more »

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