Australian Eco-Generations

Australian Eco-Generations plans to encourage children and communities to learn about sharing and caring for the environment now and for generations to come. Australian Eco-Generations are devoted to stimulating the next generation of Australians to be Eco-Generations by delivering our hands-on fun activities. Experienced, professional and quality staff runs the workshop and follows quality rules.

Snow Waste and the Seven Environmentalists:

Snow Waste and the Seven Environmentalists is a play based on the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow Waste lives in a castle with her parents, who are the king and queen. She is a very wasteful, careless and untidy princess who does not take care of her environment. The poor groundsperson has had enough, so her parents take the only action left- they send her out of the castle to learn some precious lessons from the Seven Environmentalists. Will this change Snow Waste to Snow Waste Not?????

Kingfisher Recycling Centre Excursion:

By choosing to take an outing to the Kingfisher Recycling Centre, not only are the kids of the Sacred Heart Environmental Committee learn further about how and what they have to do help the environment but they are also supporting one of their local community organizations.

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