Ecology and Bushfire Consultation

Ecology and Bushfire Consultation

At Clarke Dowdle and Associates, we've been operating since 1989. In 2002, we expanded to offer services in the areas of Ecology and Bushfire Consultation.

We are proud of our professionalism and knowledge in the services we offer to developers, contractors and homeowners.

Bushfire Assessment services includes: Bushfire Threat and Protection Assessments, Bushfire Fuel Management Plans and Alternate Solutions. 

We are also very familiar with the Rural Fire Service 2006 Publication – "Planning For Bushfire Protection" and the AS 3959-1999 – "Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas".

In the area of Ecology, we specialise in: Flora and Fauna Surveys and Assessments, 7-Part Tests for Threatened Species, Aquatic Habitat Assessments, Vegetation Management Plans and Species Identification.

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