Electronic Waste and Recycling

Electronic Waste and Recycling

Many of our customers have asked us this question: What happens to our electronic waste and what does Advanced Recycling Technologies do with them?

The fact is, electronics contain a fair amount of harmful, hazardous and toxic substances. For example, the simple cathode ray tube found in almost all TVs, computer monitors video cameras, etc contains lead, barium and other heavy metals. They can easily leach into ground water and release of toxic phosphor. 

In fact, up to 3.5kgs of lead are found in each computer and TV screen. They also contain pollutants like include mercury, cadmium, phosphor, arsenic and beryllium.

Our service here includes manually dismantling the e-waste - we do not shred.

This is a very labour intensive task. After these items are dismantled, they will be grouped and forwarded onto associates to be recycled further. 
These companies are specialists in this field and they have the ability and the proper machinery to process the materials and refine them back into raw materials to be reused. 

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