Energy Saving Refrigeration Technology

Energy Saving Refrigeration Technology

Here at Smartcool™ Systems Australia, wee are an industry leader when it comes to providing air conditioning and refrigeration optimising technology.

All you need to do is to retrofit existing control systems with our situation specific Smartcool technology. This way you can limit power drawn and optimise your cooling systems output.

This green technology will reduce the electricity consumption and maximum demand (KW) of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. What this technology does is that it enhances system performance - meaning that you get a much more efficient system and a lower power consumption.

In fact, Smartcool™ energy saving devices can save an average of 15% on your energy bills. For many of our customers this means a rapid payback of under 36 months.

This technology is ideal for commercial and industrial businesses such as supermarkets, data centre’s, telecom facilities, cold storage warehouses and much more. 

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