Environmental Impact Assessment, Management and Ecological Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment, Management and Ecological Assessment

Here at Geolyse, we feature a team of top environmental consultants who are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of environmental impact assessment, management and ecological assessment.

For environmental impact assessments we have vast knowledge of the legislation and consent authority criteria. At Geolyse, we are able to complete all environmental impact statements across a large spectrum of infrastructure and natural management projects.

When it comes with environmental management, our services here cover all the areas of it. This includes anything from environmental auditing and training, through to preparation of Environmental Management Plans and the implementation of environmental monitoring and performance reporting.

The focus of our ecological assessment services is to give innovative and practical  solutions to achieve the best outcomes for our client, the environment and our community.  We do this by applying scientific rigour, the latest information and technology and detailed research of the immediate area and project.

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