Environmental Sampling Services

Environmental Sampling Services

Lately there has been a huge demand for our Environmental Sampling here at Geodrill. 

Our complete environmental sampling service are often used in the remediation planning of several development areas in the Adelaide area. This includes the sporting facilities and the award winning Islington Workshops Remediation Project.

We also feature an extensive range of drilling rigs and Drilling equipment. This means our team hear at Geodrill is able to choose the right tools and machinery to complete every job on time and to perfection.

We have a 'Spillsafe' bunted mat and this is equipped with a totally enclosed 2m high wash bay area. This area is for containment of the polluted cleaning water if necessary. In fact, this means that any consolidated soils or off-spray can be properly contained within the spill safe area. The polluted cleaning water can then be safely pumped out of the 'pond' into the appropriate storage containers and shipped off to be appropriately dealt with.

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