Fragrance and Aluminium Free Deoderants & Antiperspirants

You may not realise that many deoderants on the market today have aluminium chlorohydrate based compounds in them. These products can cause skin irritation and exacerbate water loss on your under arm are which you shaved. At Sensitive Basket we make our antiperspirants with all natural ingredients. This healthy practice resutls in our unique soothing and highly effective products.

Free from aluminium salts, alcohol, parabens, triclosans and Zinc compounds, deorderants and antiperspirants from Sensitive Basket are highly suitable for people with sensitive, irrated or inflamed under arms. In addition, we also add natural milk and other extracts into or products to improve your skin condition.

Our featured Chemical Free Deordorant range includes: Innoxa Fragrance Free, Innoxa Aluminium Free, Grahams Natural Aloe, Zilch, Jama

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