Leak Detectors and Testers

Leak Detectors and Testers

Integrated Production Line Testing

Component Flow or Leak Testers

Leak testing is often much more than buying a leak tester. Customers will frequently require clamping jigs, automated clamping and test sequences, and in some cases Pass/Fail stamping and sorting into parts bins. TSE specializes in offering tailor made leak test systems for turnkey fitting in your factory, based on strain molder or tracer gas testing, or a grouping as suitable.

Sealed component and gas application testers

Backed by 30 years of automated Leak Testing experience

Pressure decay leak testing or flow rate measurement

Easy, natural test setup and operation

Boundary to automatic test stations including PLC's and PC's

Highest decision differential pressure systems measure to fractions of a Pascal

Marvelous consistency

Auto correction for temperature and settling individuality

Technical & Scientific Equipment provide flexible & irregular-Shape Testing without damage to part

Incorporation into automated testing facility


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