Natural Rubber Teether

The Natural Rubber Fish Teether is ‘PVC Free’ and is ideal to use when teething occurs in young infants. Teething is often accompanied by symptoms such as irritation, aching and swollen gums which can feel hot and uncomfortable. Chewing on a Natural Rubber Teether offers relief by stimulating the
gums in preparation for the arrival of teeth.

Stages of teething:

Stage 1
Teething discomfort can start before teeth even come through.

Stage 2
The first four front teeth look cute but can hurt as they come through. Natural Rubber Teethers have been specially designed to assist with this, providing a choice of textured surfaces to bite down on.

Stage 3
Chewing on The Natural Rubber Teether assists with the niggling aches and pains when the big teeth (molars) erupt. It is specially designed to reach the back teeth for this purpose.

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