Portable Solar Kits from Kulkyne Solar

Kukyne Solar Kits are available with full length aluminium piano hinges, alloy legs, 10 amp Plasmatronics regulator and 10 metres of wiring. All Kulkyne kits can be linked to 2 volt batteries so that the sun ensures that the battery stays charged and you remain green!

Kulkyne Solar's NEW triple fold 150 watt solar kit is super compact but gives the greatest output of any portable solar kit on the market. Customers like that the unique design allows each solar panel to fold face to face, so that none of the faces of the panels is exposed while travelling.

The powerful Kulkyne 120 watt solar kit uses the most efficient cells commercially available at 16.8% efficiency. The kit is only 810 x 540 x 70 mm when folded and is rated at 6.98 amps. The system is fitted with a 10 amp Australian made Plasmatronics regulator for reliability and Kulkyne will also install the plug of your choiceto enble you to connect to your battery.

Both 80 Watt  and 100 Watt solar kits are powerful and compact. The 80 Watt Kit folds to just 550 x 540 x 70 mm and provides 4.62 amps of power. The 100 Watt Kit folds down to 680 x 540 x 70 mm and gives 5.82 amps of power. For a limited period, Kulkyne Solar has reduced the price on the SolarKing Solar Modules to just $700 each and with delivery throughout Australia.


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