Probiotic Soil

Probiotic Soil

Vital Resource Management's exclusive variety of probiotic soil additives, bio-fertilizers and complement unlock soil nutrients and preserve the natural cycle of nutrient contribute to well soils and healthy plants.

The microbes which are present in all Vital Resource Management products are selected for their sustainability and for the positive effects they have on microbial diversity in the soil. 

The products are all produced by using fermentative cultures and contain various varieties of organic participation.

In addition, there are some particular properties which have been chosen. These consist of a rapid, balanced composting cause and a capability to encourage germination. Properties are also incorporated which facilitate the unlocking of Phosphorous and Calcium from soils and which powerfully encourage the cycle of Nitrogen and Carbon. Regular exercise of these products will facilitate enlarged Nitrogen fixation and improved the storage space of Carbon in your soil.

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