Recycling Company Operating across Australasia

Recycling Company Operating across Australasia

Here at Polytrade Recycling, we are a top recycling company and we operate across Australasia. We have services in and operations from a recyclable plastic processor to a key player in both the domestic kerbside and commercial recycling sectors.

We receive, sort out and process more than 400 mega tonnes of recyclables every year across our Material Recovery Facilities. 

We do our very best when it comes to recyclables - we don't only recycle them, but we also have them sorted and reprocessed so they will be ready for manufacture into a variety of value added products. 

Here at our Plastic division, we take in PET and HDPE bottles. We will them process them into into high quality resins suitable for manufacturing into various recycled plastic products such as PET Soft Drink Packaging or HDPE Milk Bottles.

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