Residential Solar System Case Study

Residential Solar System Case Study

Every home is different as is power usage and consumption. Here at Powercom, we offer a large range of solar panels, solar power products and systems that are designed to cater for every budget, available space and personal preferences. All that without compromising on quality.

A good example of our residential solar projects is our 2.544kW Residential grid connect system for the Johnsons a while back. 

They came to us asking for the best output from the limited space that was available on their external unit. We analysed the space and found that the space facing north was only about 6.5m x 2.4m in size. We had estimated that the best possible output from any normal solar module would be about 2000 Watts. The Sunpower E19 318 Watt solar module eclipses this by nearly 30%.

This system was coupled with a new SMA 3000HF inverter featuring in-built Bluetooth, Eyrl which can track the system's performance.

The result was a 2.544kW systems and very happy customers.

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