Smoothtubes Garbage Chute

Consider the many benefits of the Smoothtubes® chute system for Garbage, Linen and Recycling

Clean – No other chute system can claim that it is self cleaning. Bacteria cannot grow on the internal surface of this chute. Odor is minimized and the system remains clean and clear of blockages. Reduce water and use of harsh chemicals by installing the Smoothtubes®chute system by Wastech.

Blockages – These are a time consuming nuisance for any building owner. Smoothtubes® is even recommended as a recycling chute as it won’t block like other systems. Tests show that even large pizza boxes cannot gain a fixing point to block the chute. Smooth, internal surfaces are perfect for avoiding blockages.

Green – For projects that are focused on gaining green star, Smoothtubes® an support this. Where possible, the material used is recycled. The carbon footprint is reduced significantly during the manufacturing and transport of our chute. Certification by Ecospecier for green star accreditation.

Safe and easy to install – Installation is fast and simple with no sharp, heavy sections to unload. One man can easily carry a chute section. No cranes are required for the installation and all parts are delivered to the site by the installation team.

Cost effective – Ongoing maintenance is simple and the Smoothtubes® system carries a warranty of up to 20 years.

The residents – Wastech will install chute doors that have a brushed, stainless steel finish. Manufactured in 304 stainless steel and complete with gas strut closing devices that ensure that the doors are ultra-quiet and maintain their clean, good looks for years to come. Easy to clean and use, the doors are designed for the maximum use expected over the lifetime of the building.

Quality labels ensure that the user is educated regarding the use of the chute system.

Service – Wastech Engineering run a service to our customers that includes 7 days a week, everyday of the year. No down-time if there is ever a problem.

Australian company – Proudly Australian owned. Design and manufactured in Australia by Wastech Engineering Pty Ltd. 

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