Solar System Design and Installation

Solar System Design and Installation

At Eco Living Australia, we provide Sustainable Living Solutions via Certified Government Sustainability Programs. We are also an Accredited group by the Clean Energy Council. 

All of our Systems, System Designs, system parts and installations are Certified to meet the Australian Standards. We also offer our customers the discount of REC's on the point of sale for our Solar PV Systems that we install. We also aim to decrease the the confusion of Rebates and RECs.

We give custom designs to all our clients' systems to meet their annual yield. Unlike most solar installers, we design our systems to meet our client's goals and we will target our designs to run as efficiently as possible. 

This means our systems will give the quickest payback period possible All our systems designs will come with official documentation. This includes manuals, wiring diagrams, estimated annual yield and payback time.

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