Spill Management

Hatlar Environmental offers an authority spill embarrassment products to support those companies with the restraint and clean up of liquid spills.

With improved difficulty on companies to conform the improvement of environmental legislation, the market has begun to move its center of attention from reactive to positive reaction on environmental concern. It is providing the providing practical explanation regarding products and technical support for their consumers to support them in gathering their ecological fulfillment in a cost efficient behavior which is distinguish Hatlar from further providers.

They are able to gives professional instruction on the types and composition of kits based on there incident in chemical safety and waste management. It is also capable to support you with spill reaction training. 

Following are the Key products which are offered by Hatlar are contains as: -

1) Spilmax,

2) Floor-sweep,

3) Oil sponge remedial or bio-active absorbent floor sweep,

4) Custom created drain covers, and

5) A vast collection of products for explicit absorbent clarification

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