The Scorpion

The Scorpion

Redback Grinder Co produces Scorpion measurement series 2190SC-600HP WOOD WASTE: -

a) MILLG.V.M. 22 tones

b) On tandem 14 tones

c) On kingpin 8 tones

d) LENGTH 10.5 meters

e) WIDTH 2.5 meters

f) HEIGHT 3.6 meters


h) York tandem, 1384 center, 1940 track, spider hubs, dual 8.25R15 types,

i) Westinghouse Brake Kit. TOWING 2"Kingpin.

Following are about Redback Grinder Co, The Scorpion ENGINE

a) CAT C16 460 kW (600 HP)

b) 24v preliminary system,

c) 35 AMP alternators,

d) It is Securely shutoffs for low oil pressure and high water temperature.

e) FUEL TANK 500 Liters.

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