Top 12 Energy Saving Tips

Top 12 Energy Saving Tips

At the Energy Efficiency Centre, we know that many households feeling the pinch due to rising fuel and mortgage costs, an easy way to make savings is to examine your electricity bill and usage.

By following the Energy Efficiency Centre’s top twelve energy saving tips, the average home can save up to $1,000 every year. Most items are simple and at no or low cost with an extremely fast pay-back. Also, you'll save up to 6 tonnes of greenhouse gas in the process.

1) If you correctly insulate your home, you'll save up to $600 per year.

2) Get rid of that second fridge – save up to $300 per year

3) Install window film or an awning on west and north facing windows – save up to $400 per year.

4) Use energy efficient light globes (CFL’s) – save up to $100 per year.

5) Install skylights to supply free light at home, in offices and showrooms – save up to $300 per year. 

6) Don’t over heat or over cool rooms. Set winter temp between 19c - 21c. Summer temp between 23c - 25c – save around $150 per year.

7) Install roof vents to reduce summer heat in roof space by up to 12c – Save up to $100 per year.

8) Close doors, cover windows and minimise draughts – save around $50 per year.

9) Wash clothes in cold water – save around $40 per year

10) Use the clothesline not clothes drier whenever the sun shines – save up to $40 per year.

11) Don’t leave appliances in standby mode – save up to $200 per year.

12) Don’t run your pool pump for too long – save up to $75 per year

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