Uninterrupted Solar Power Supply System

Uninterrupted Solar Power Supply System

AT Solar West, we have noticed that one of the problems with stand alone is that once the power is used up, you would have to wait until the sun appears before the batteries can be charged up. With a grid connect system, it definitely has the benefits of being connected to a grid - meaning constant power in or power out. However, upon a black out during the evening, the solar power system will ironically, not be useful at all.

However, with the uninterrupted power supply system, these will no longer be problems at all.

An uninterrupted power supply system is the same as a Grid Connect. However, it has a battery backup and that is designed to take over if the mains power experiences an outage or a blackout.

The battery set up is costly and not necessary for your average households where power outages don't happen frequently.  

However, it will be very useful for those who frequently suffer from power loss by being on the end of line or have lots of electrical equipment that needs to be maintained.

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