Linear 24 V LED luminaire as systems solution especially for the installation in coves. No tools needed for a quick and convenient commissioning enabled by innovative mounting pads or clips with integrated cable routing. Each fixture is connected to a 24 V main supply line (max. 8 A, 190 W) with special piercing connectors. Therefore, luminaire lines with up to 40 m total length are possible.

XOOCOVE is available in six standard lengths from 260 mm (0.85") to 2,510 mm (8.23") to be configured with four lumen packages and the diffuse cover or 60° lens

In combination with ceramic LED packages a thermal resistivity of 16.3 K/W is achieved for an optimal heat dissipation (junction to profile) which guarantees an outstanding lifetime of > 60,000 hrs L90/B10. Embeds high quality japanese LEDs with 3 step MacAdams (SDCM3) binning centered on target CCT (One Bin Only) with an extended photometric code of Wxxx/339 ensuring an exceptional color consistency over the rated lifetime.

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