Zelfo - stronger than stone

Zelfo - stronger than stone

Zelfo Australia's Zelfo is a wood/ fibreglass like, mouldable material made solely out of Water and plant fibres as a sustainable product.

By a team based in Austria Patented early in 2000,but it was not until Zelfo, this material was developed for commercial production by Australia.

Suitable for use in various products because of its strenth, aesthetics and ease of use. Due to its rounded corners and novel moulding process its easily incorporated into forms. Of-course they can produce sharp edges.

Due to the True biodegradability of the various fibres, it is also a bonus for zelfo. The various fibres, such as sugar-cane, flax, hemp and waste paper are NOT blended with any resins or glues ensuring the eco-message is adhered to full. This will not affect to the strength of plastics and wood which has been shown to be superior to many other types.

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