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Greenfinder is Australia’s most comprehensive Green Business directory, it showcases Australian Green business's and the eco products and services they provide. So now it’s easy to find Green companies and source eco friendly products that help you, your business and the environment we all share... About Greenfinder »

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Solar Powered Air Conditioner

K25Z-4 Solar Window Air Conditioner (Off Grid Ready) K50GJ-4 – Solar Vertical Wall Mount Air Conditioner K25xd-4,K50xd-4 – Solar Tru-Wall Air Conditioner K25FT-4 Solar Split Ductless K25CJ-4 ... More

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designer.line are modular and are sold individually

Each module comprising a top/main, middle & lower telescopic rail/arms that offers from 5.8 meters up to 18 metres of uninterrupted hanging space when utilising coat hangers, the designer.line blends ... More »

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