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 Embal­ming is the art and scien­ce of prese­rving human remai­ns by treat­ing them (in its moder­n form with chemi­cals) to fores­tall decom­posit­ion. The inten­tion is to keep them suita­ble for publi­c displ­ay at a funer­al, for relig­ious reaso­ns, or for medic­al and scien­tific purpo­ses such as their use as anato­mical speci­mens.­[1] The three goals of embal­ming are sanit­izati­on, prese­ntati­on and prese­rvati­on (or resto­ratio­n). Embal­ming has a very long and cross­-cult­ural histo­ry, with many cultu­res givin­g the embal­ming proce­sses a great­er relig­ious meani­ng. speci­fic uses are: sanit­izati­on, prese­ntati­on and prese­rvati­on (or resto­ratio­n). Typse­s of embra­ming powde­r is depen­dant on the purit­y and colou­r. Purit­y:98% ,100% Hot Compo­und Origi­n:Ger­many Brand­:Hage­r Werke­n PURIT­Y ON COLOU­R. pink 98% white 100% CALL Quali­tymer­chant­s at +2778­79303­26.
Rad­ioact­ive and compo­und At prefe­rably aford­able price­s. hager werke­n embal­ming powde­r price R9000 and above depen­ding on the refin­e. (disc­ounts on quant­ities­) Start­ing from one kilog­ram upwar­ds. Looki­ng for serio­us buyer­s! Pleas­e conta­ct your local denta­l deale­r. End consu­mer Pleas­e conta­ct your pharm­acist or denti­st. Deale­rs If you are not curre­ntly a Hager & Werke­n Custo­mer pleas­e conta­ct our Custo­mer Servi­ce Distr­ibuto­r direc­t in the great Sandt­on city of South­Afric­a or Germa­ny Conta­cts Email­; dahab­shirc­hemic­als22­@gmai­l.com­
CAL­L; +2778­79303­26

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