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Rainsaver is a revolutionary idea that combines a home’s guttering with the storage capacity of a water tank. Rainwater travels into the Rainsaver guttering system ... more »

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Cessnock Tank Works

At Cessnock Tank Works, we manufacture the Highest Quality Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks and proudly sell higlinbe built-on-site water tank. All tanks from Cessnock ... more »

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Glockemann Pumps

flow of water, such as stream or creek and a 'drop only half a metre' (20'') to pump a constant 24 hour supply to your water tank. he 'Glockemann'© pump uses ... more »

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Australian Eco Shop

Australian Eco Shop is committed to sustainable building, to conserve our natural resources, for the benefit of future generations. Our aim at Australian ... more »

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One Water Naturally

Rainwater tanks and solar hot water manufacturer and distributor.... more »

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City Rainwater Tanks

At City Rainwater Tanks, we are a green company striving to provide you with the highest quality rain water tanks at competitive prices. Unlike other businesses, ... more »

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Atlantis Water Management

Centuries of urbanisation and industrialisation have put extreme pressure on natural water systems and their related ecosystems. Atlantis is dedicated to designing ... more »

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Aquarius Watermaster

Aquarius Watermaster supplies everything you need for a rain water collection system - tanks, pumps, accessories, tank to mains switches, filters and fittings. ... more »

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National Water Recycling & Reuse Technology

Innovation and designs created for the purpose of water saving. You will definitely be surprised by not only the amount of water saved, but the money as well!... more »

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Eco Sac

Australia's leading Rainwater Storage Bladder Company for Hidden Rainwater Solutions Eco Sac Flexible Rainwater Storage eco sac is the best rainwater storage solution ... more »

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Electropure Industrial Australia

The Electropure Water Treatment System can handles a wider range of pollutants than any other single process. For quality eco water tanks and waste water tanks, ... more »

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Eco Manage

Eco Manage Pty Ltd was created in direct response to the heavily publicised need for more eco friendly products and services. As we all know, Sydney and broader ... more »

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Envirotec Plumbing

Envirotec Plumbing Services is a fully licensed and insured complete operation. Envirotec is owned and operated by Geoff Bates. Our work ranges from residential, ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Water Tank Products

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Reln Water Tanks Reln Water Tanks

dam levels at an all time low and the price of water set to rise, there?s never been a better time to install a Reln water tank. The Reln Slimline 2100 provides ... more »

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Why you should install a Water Tank Why you should install a Water Tank

water is scarce becoming scarce, we at SOS plumbing would like to encourage everyone to also join by installing a water tank in their households. To us, we find ... more »

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Rhino Water Tanks Rhino Water Tanks

quality - all made from poly lined steel. We have tanks for domestic, rural and industrial purposes. Every Rhino Water Tank comes with a a 20 year warranty and ... more »

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TS5000 Water Tank

Bushmans TS5000 water tank is a 22,500 litre tank which is idea for storage of water on the farm and larger residential and commercial buildings. The TS5000 water ... more »

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Oasis Gt600 - Greywater Recycling Oasis Gt600 - Greywater Recycling

- It is a management system. 2. Feed Tank - It holds household grey water prior to dispensation. 3. Treated Water Tank - It recycled grey water for relevance ... more »

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Inline Gas Booster Inline Gas Booster

The hot water from your Sol hart tank is piped to the booster. If it senses the water is up to temperature, the water bypasses the gas booster and is delivered ... more »

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Stramline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted Stramline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted

The Solahart Streamline closed circuit system is a split system solar hot water heater with roof mounted slim-line satellite dish and a ground mounted outside storage ... more »

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Ecosmart Water Guardian Ecosmart Water Guardian

Australia is the world's driest populated continent. We are in the middle of a massive water crisis. The United Nations is so worried about water that it has named ... more »

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Highline Tank Highline Tank

Solar Pumping Solutions supplies and installation of solar pumpimg systems and associated products and offers a various range of commercial and domestic prefabricated ... more »

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Water Tank

Water Tanks Basix Plastix water storage tanks are manufactured with 100% pure resin. These are made from only the maximum eminence polyethylene that has been ... more »

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Atlantisr Filtration Unit Atlantisr Filtration Unit

Atlantis Filtration UnitTreating storm water at source is regarded the most efficient method of reducing waterway pollution. The Atlantis Storm water Filtration ... more »

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Why you should test your water regularly Why you should test your water regularly

There are many reasons why you should get your water tested. These reasons range from environmental protect to avoiding fines. In fact, it does not matter whether ... more »

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Gas Systems Gas Systems

The Apricus - Australia Gas systems includes: Circulating Pump Solar Controller Manifold, Evacuated Tubes and Heat Pipes Standard pitch frame. (Optional ... more »

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Thermosiphon Thermosiphon

All Solahart systems, in which the tank is roof-mounted, uses the Thermosiphon principle to gather heat from the sun and transmit it to your hot water. The Thermosiphon ... more »

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Aquaplate Water Tanks

Australian Eco Shop's Aquaplate water tanks are available in a variety of sizes to match your needs. Australian Eco Shop's Aquaplate water tanks gives a traditional ... more »

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