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Atlantis Water Management

of urbanisation and industrialisation have put extreme pressure on natural water systems and their related ecosystems. Atlantis is dedicated to designing water ... more »

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Unlimited Water Coolers

Water Cooler for the office. Eliminate the waste of Bottled Spring water deliveries which carry a heavy Environmental cost, in plastic production and transport ... more »

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Rainsaver is a revolutionary idea that combines a home’s guttering with the storage capacity of a water tank. Rainwater travels into the Rainsaver guttering system ... more »

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Australian Eco Shop

provide you through our supply of Environment friendly products to you. All your needs such as Rainwater Tanks, Solar Hot Water systems, Bamboo flooring, Composting ... more »

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Convergent Water Controls

Convergent Water Controls Pty Ltd (CWC), we are a leading green supplier of conductivity, pH, ORP & free chlorine controllers and integrated dosing systems. ... more »

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Water Tube

plants. Our product is a unique Australian designed and manufactured self-watering tree guard, created to protect and water our precious trees and plants. Click ... more »

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Air & Hydraulic Systems

Systems Pty Ltd most significant functions of our company is our role in supplying quality valves and instruments to water filtration plants who in turn, provide ... more »

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Nubian Water Systems

and bring to the market environmental products that address the maintenance of adequate supplies of clean drinking water. Nubian provides sustainable water solutions ... more »

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National Water Recycling & Reuse Technology

Innovation and designs created for the purpose of water saving. You will definitely be surprised by not only the amount of water saved, but the money as well!... more »

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Eimco Water Technologies

Eimco Water Technologies (E.W.T.), we create value in water. E.W.T. will become the only global company focused solely to water. Water is the our industry. We at  ... more »

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Central Tablelands Water

Tablelands Water is the trading name adopted by Central Tablelands County Council, a water supply authority constituted under NSW Local Government legislation. ... more »

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Basix Plastix

Basix Plastix supply top of the range environmental systems that assist to save your money on water usage.These systems include high quality aquaponics systems as ... more »

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Our innovative designs are capable of treating a wide range of water flowes including stormwater channels.Traps are designed to ensure cost effective cleaning and ... more »

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Ozwater Convention and Exhibition

8-10 May, 2012, the Ozwater Convention and Exhibition will host an exhibition and aims to promote sustainable water management through professional and ... more »

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Process Engineering Technologies

specialises in the provision of mechanical, electrical, instrument and civil engineering and maintenance services to the water industry throughout NSW. We are 100% ... more »

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Australian Water Association

The Australian Water Association is the peak body representing water professionals in Australia. Independent and not for profit, AWA promotes sustainable water ... more »

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One Water Naturally

Rainwater tanks and solar hot water manufacturer and distributor.... more »

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Cessnock Tank Works

At Cessnock Tank Works, we manufacture the Highest Quality Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks and proudly sell higlinbe built-on-site water tank. All tanks from Cessnock ... more »

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City Rainwater Tanks

City Rainwater Tanks, we are a green company striving to provide you with the highest quality rain water tanks at competitive prices. Unlike other businesses, we ... more »

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Eco Sac

for you because: It is discreetly located under your deck or house It utilises previously wasted space. It captures water faster than traditional tanks It can ... more »

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Smart Approved WaterMark

Approved WaterMark is Australia's labelling program for products and services that are helping to reduce outdoor water use. Products carrying the logo - from rainwater ... more »

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Hunter Water Australia

Water Australia is a specialist water and wastewater company. It operates throughout regional Australia providing support to water authorities, local government ... more »

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Comparison Plastics

Pty Ltd, we are a local small-time eco company specialising in custom rotational moulders & manufacturers of plastic water tanks.  Our water tanks come ... more »

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ClearFresh Water

Water is an independent, privately owned Australian green company.  Now in our 9th year, we’ve proudly built a solid and unique reputation as one of ... more »

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North Coast Power & Water

Coast Power & Water (NCPW) was first established in Coffs Harbour by BP Solar in 1990, The Graetz family purchased the business in July 2000. NCPW Supply Coffs ... more »

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Jem Australia

Australia is a water engineering group which develops and produces products that conserve both energy and costs. Jem Australia also helps to save water usage, typically ... more »

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Fibretank Systems

Fibretank Systems are at the forefront of the design and manufacture of storage tanks for fuel, chemicals, water and waste, silos for dry products and specialty ... more »

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your urinal water consumption by investing in eco-Pink's water saving solution. eco-Pink's retrofit technology protects the environment by dramatically reducing ... more »

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Vision Water

Welcome to Vision Water. Vision Water Specilise in the creation of water storage systems contained within any building or structure.The watercell is an engineered, ... more »

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Watersave Australia

Watersave Australia specializes in innovative water saving solutions. Products include the Uridan range of water free urinals, the WaterGuard water monitoring ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Water Products

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L Series L Series

in its simplicity. The black polyester powder coated aluminum absorber collects the sun's heat and transfers it to the water in the 6 risers. The Solahart L Series ... more »

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Inline Gas Booster Inline Gas Booster

hot water from your Sol hart tank is piped to the booster. If it senses the water is up to temperature, the water bypasses the gas booster and is delivered to the ... more »

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Highline Tank Highline Tank

of solar pumpimg systems and associated products and offers a various range of commercial and domestic prefabricated water tanks from highline Ltd. We are a 30 ... more »

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Water Treatment And Distribution

unrefined water supply generally contains suspended matter, colors, turbidity and possibly iron and manganese. The turbidity is due to finely divided matter held ... more »

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Water Tank

Tanks Basix Plastix water storage tanks are manufactured with 100% pure resin. These are made from only the maximum eminence polyethylene that has been established ... more »

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Ecosmart Water Guardian Ecosmart Water Guardian

is the world's driest populated continent. We are in the middle of a massive water crisis. The United Nations is so worried about water that it has named 2005-2015, ... more »

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Reln Water Tanks Reln Water Tanks

rainfall and our dam levels at an all time low and the price of water set to rise, there?s never been a better time to install a Reln water tank. The Reln Slimline ... more »

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Rainwater Collection Pumps and Accessories

home in the great Sydney region, having a rainwater tank will enable you to capture rainwater and use naturally sourced water in a variety of different ways without ... more »

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Reduce Mains Water Usage By Up To 40% Reduce Mains Water Usage By Up To 40%

rainy night. You survive in a 300sqm residence. 5mm of rain falls, and from that rainfall you accumulate 1500 liters of water in your Rain saver storage space Gutters. ... more »

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Why you should test your water regularly Why you should test your water regularly

are many reasons why you should get your water tested. These reasons range from environmental protect to avoiding fines. In fact, it does not matter whether you ... more »

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Why you should install a Water Tank Why you should install a Water Tank

S.O.S. Hot Water and Plumbing Services, we are here to help you professionally install and maintain your water tanks.  Water tanks have been a necessity in ... more »

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Tanks1 Tanks1

North Coast Power & Water launch Duraplas tank that are prepared from UV stabilized polyethylene. These tanks only used best quality of Australian materials ... more »

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Aquasana Shower Water Filter Aquasana Shower Water Filter

in warm water opens the pores of the skin and permits a high rate of absorption of chlorine and other chemicals. In fact, the steam we breathe in while showering ... more »

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TS5000 Water Tank

Bushmans TS5000 water tank is a 22,500 litre tank which is idea for storage of water on the farm and larger residential and commercial buildings. The TS5000 water ... more »

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Oasis Gt600 - Greywater Recycling Oasis Gt600 - Greywater Recycling

is the utilizing water from showers, baths, hand basins, and the laundry. Nubian Water Systems commence the most recent technology in grey-water recycling with ... more »

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Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Treatment

East Water treatment plants vary from lagoon-based treatment systems in the small hamlets of Barnawartha and Bundalong, to recent tertiary handling plants at Wangaratta, ... more »

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Synergy 310HAV Solar Heat Pump

offers its unqiue green, energy efficient alternative to households in which traditional solar hot water heater is not viable. Instead of relying on solar panels ... more »

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