Canary Island Palm Company

The Canary Island Palm Company based in Melbourne and with distribution networks in Brisbane and Sydney is the leading supplier of advanced Canary Island Date Palms to Homeowners, Property Developers, Landscape Gardeners and Local Council within Australia.

The Canary Island Palm Company is able to supply beautiful canary island date palms due to its total professionalism in the process of transportation and subsequent relocation of Canary Island Date Palms Our potential clients are offered a no obligation quote to ascertain the following:

- Soil Quality

- Inspection of proposed planting site

- Viewing of overhead obstructions such as power lines

The team at Canary Island Palm Company is aware our professionalism in the expertise of the supply of Canary Island Date Palms is our greatest marketing tool and as such a beautiful Canary Island Date palm will never be supplied to a unsatisfactory site.

We offer a complete state of the art Landscaping Service in conjunction with our supply of Canary Island Date Palms.

When you are ready to make a statement whether it be for the domestic or commercial areas allow yourself the peace of mind of communicating with a truly professional company that's total business activity is based on the supply of quality Canary Island Date Palms.

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