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Simply use the form below to add your business and a Product or Service. You can add your business for Free or view our Premium Packages. Kindly note that we only accept businesses that are green, eco-friendly, sustainable, fair trade, ethically-sourced or zero-carbon. Our team verifies your business, products and services before they are published.
Frequently Asked

You can add your business and a product or service on the left.

Greenfinder offers a range of Advertising & Marketing packages. They are displayed on the Advertising page.

There are number of ways to get more visibility, top listing and categories sponsorships. View the Premium Packages to get started.

Greenfinder has a range of cost-effective range of Advertising & Marketing pages. You can request a Media Kit using the Contact Us form.

View the Zero-Carbon Business subscriptions and select your business type. By purchasing a tax-deductible subscription, you can offset the carbon emissions of your business and move towards a zero-carbon footprint.

Get in touch with the Greenfinder team by using the Contact form. Include your website and the number of products you'd like to list within your Message. We will be in touch to confirm the details with you, and then your products will be made available for purchase directly from the Greenfinder Shop.

Firstly, we personally verify each and every business before it goes live on Greenfinder. This process can take up to one week. Secondly, if your business is not green, eco, sustainable or ethical, we don’t list it. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact form.

If you don’t have a password to edit your business on Greenfinder, simply get in touch and mention “Edit My Business” in the Message box on the Contact page. We will then send you your Password.

Yes, you can add as many products or services as you like to Greenfinder. Firstly, view our Premium Packages to work out how many products or services you want to showcase. Then Contact and a personal Account Manager will be assigned to get you started.

Removing your business is easy. In the Message box on the Contact page, tell us your business name, email address and phone number. We will first verify your details then remove your business listing accordingly.

You can contact Greenfinder using the form on the Contact Us page. Our friendly and dedicated team will reply to you shortly.

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