Chenoweth Env. Planning & Landscape Architecture

Chenoweth Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture was established in 1990 by environmental planner and landscape architect Alan Chenoweth after 16 years in the public, private and academic sectors.

His experience includes work with AA Heath and Partners, Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service, Cameron McNamara, Queensland Housing Commission, Sinclair Knight and Partners, and the Fraser Island Commission of Inquiry, before establishing the independent consultancy Chenoweth & Associates Pty Ltd, The practice was re-structured as Chenoweth EPLA in 1997.

The practice now has a substantial record of more than 500 projects successfully completed for clients in all three levels of government and the private development sector, either as primary consultant or as subconsultant to planners, engineers, surveyors, architects and solicitors.

These projects range from site-specific designs, Planning & Environment Court appeals and single-issue reports, to larger research studies and multi-disciplinary investigations, many of which have incorporated innovative approaches to meet client needs. All have contributed to our reputation for excellence, thoroughness and balance.

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