COMMON-SENSOR is a revolutionary self-regulating and plant driven irrigation system that will help save up to 70% of your water bills.

This eco device has been tested and proven to work perfectly in controlling irrigation in lawns, home gardening, plant nurseries (soil-less culture), fruit production and all other agricultural uses.

The Common-Sensor regulates your water supply to plants according to their own requirements from a monitoring device to an irrigation control.

This device can be widely used by anybody involved in plant irrigation, with the following advantages:

• Eliminates the use of costly irrigation computers.

• Simple to use.

• Plant driven operation. 

• Eliminates stress (excess or shortage of water) resulting in improved plant performance (better lawns, higher yields, etc.). 

• Reduced water percolation resulting in reduced water costs and increased environmental protection.

• Can be easily integrated into any existing irrigation system.

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