Design for a Sea Change Competition

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects [AILA] and its competition partners invite individuals and teams to participate in the Sea Change 2030+, an international ideas competition, which will showcase  innovative ideas for planning, designing and managing for adaptation to urban sea level rise.

Coastal settlements and infrastructure will be especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change including sea level rise, increased air and sea surface temperature, more frequent and intense storms, ocean acidification, and changes to rainfall and run-off.

Sea level rise will cause greater coastal flooding, erosion, loss of wetlands and salt-water intrusion into freshwater sources, with impacts on infrastructure, coastal resources and existing coastal management programmes.

The interface between the built and natural environments is an important part of human settlements in Australia. Developing effective adaptation responses will be critical in reducing the impacts of climate change and can deliver co-benefits such as increased energy or water efficiency.

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