Hawkhurst Estate Biodynamic Wines

Hawkhurst Wines labeled "Biodynamic Methods Used". Biodynamic viticulture takes the principles of organic farming to a higher degree. Biodynamic viticulture, or simply biodynamics, a branch of viticultural science conceived by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s, stresses the importance of the many balances (and imbalances) in nature that effect the health and homeopathic strength of the vine, and the relationship of the vine with the vital life forces that supports its very existence.


Biodynamics emphasizes natural holistic treatments to increase the vine's resistance to disease, as well as a biorhythmic approach to treatments, pruning and harvesting resulting in healthier vines and better tasting fruit. Biodynamics is a common sense approach to viticulture employing age-old wisdom that studies the relationship of the vine with the sun, moon, stars, and earth. A biodynamic vineyard is in complete harmony with its surroundings, and is generally a self-sufficient entity. Biodynamic vineyards are always environmentally friendly, respecting the earth and their natural surroundings


It is helpful to think of biodynamics not primarily as an agricultural system, but rather as an altered philosophy or worldview that then impacts on the practice of agriculture in various ways. In other words, to farm biodynamically, first you have to think biodynamically.

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