Land Assist Service

Land Assist Service

Here Hunter Land Management, we're going to help you and your site management meet all your environmental obligations.

We can help you by monitoring and maintaining fence lines, monitoring pipelines, monitoring and maintaining sediment control structures, mowing the gardens…and much more.

Our new ‘Land Assist’ service can provide you with a part-time assistance that you want and need to get those odd jobs done.

"Land Assist" will provide you with a Hunter Land Management qualified employee and they will be available to undertake a range of jobs. These can include revegetation, weed control, back-burning and vertebrate pest management. 

This service can be provided on an ongoing full-time basis, a number of hours per over a agreed period or as a one–off service. In fact, when possible, we will provide you with the same Hunter Land Management employee to complete your work.

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