Millridge Organic

Millridge is a small family run Certified ''Organic in Conversion'' property. We produce Monaro Purple hardneck garlic and saffron.

Millridge is located 20km to the south of Jindabyne, in the eastern foothills of the NSW Snowy Mountains at an elevation of 1200m. The warm to hot summers and very cold winters combine to produce high quality gourmet garlic with terrific flavour.

Located where we are means that our garlic is ready for sale at the end of the traditional Australian garlic season. Our garlic is ready for sale, fresh from the farm,  from early March each year.

Undergoing a 6 to 8 week curing process means that if stored corectly, our garlic will stay fresh and ready to eat until the after the middle of the year.


Millridge Organic Products

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