Noosa Integrated Catchment Association

Noosa Integrated Catchment Association Inc (NICA) was established in 1996, as a community-based steering committee aiming to coordinate integrated environmental catchment management of the famous Noosa River. 

Our role at Noosa Integrated Catchment Association Inc includes:

- Provide a forum for community input and discussion

- Identify and prioritise catchment issues

- Develop and promote the adoption of catchment management strategies and actions by all stakeholders

- Leverage funding to implement, monitor and evaluate such strategies and actions

The Noosa River Catchment Management Strategy was produced in 2001 and this is a guide for green action. It goes to point out areas of natural resource management that can be improved to help reduce the negative impacts of human activity and the resultant decline in environmental values within the catchment.

We have members from all areas of the community, industry and government, giving us benefits in a range of opinions and opportunities. 

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