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Pili nuts are special for The Philippines. They do only grow in certain climate zones. The international demands are rapidly increasing: from USA, Canada, EU, Australia and, most of all, from more than 1.5 Billion Chinese, who do use it as one of the main ingredients in their famous Moon Cakes! Pili nuts do compete with Macadamia nut -- but have lighter texture and no bad cholesterol. [please contact me for website address] The international demand right now is at least 20 times higher than the production. Therefor are we planting 200,000 pili trees at Tablas -- and we will with this be the largest pili nut producer in the world. The international interest for Tablas has increased considerably over the last 2 years: both for beach front land, for overlooking highland which still can be bought for only a few dollars per sqm -- and for farm land for pili nut farming -- supervised by our agriculturists -- and maintained by our trained farm staff, which we still can offer from only US $ 1.25 per sqm -- so our clear advice is to invest now -- before further price increase - due to take place in 2014.


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