Paper Cartel

A wall-less gallery that curates artwork images from some of the most prominent and best emerging artists. Our goal is to connect people with same of similar visions, people whose appetite for art thrives on curated range of still life, landscape, abstract, portrait, and botanical art print. We created a way for you to review the items selecting them by color (cool, warm, neutral, super), artist or style. We also provide an additional venue for struggling artists where they can find buyers for their art online and if anything goes wrong you will have the opportunity to return the artwork within 14 days, under the condition that it is undamaged and unframed. Every artwork you see on Peper Cartel is only printed 300 times, after that no one can order it again. We do this in order to create a feeling of uniqueness. We guarantee to give you a very satisfactory experience in buying art online. For further information, connect with us through Facebook, Twiter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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