Imagine a fishing tackle box, each compartment filled with detritus from a lifetime of loving: the shiny, the lost, the forgotten, the odd and discarded… a twisted key, the head of a tiny doll, chipped plastic alphabet beads, a rusty pin from a school long since closed… from such an unlikely think tank Pweky was born…

Pweky is an evolving trash couture concept based in Melbourne, Australia. The lovechild of Jessielea Skillicorn and a lifetime of hoarded treasure, Pweky utilises found objects and upcycled textiles to create one-off items of clothing and millinery that blur the boundaries between fashion, couture, and art.

This is not only an ethical and community minded business practice, but an essential tenet of the philosophy behind Pweky – a symbiotic relationship with community and with community members as supporters and ambassadors of locally sourced original fashion and design.

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