Sustain: Kraft n Art Supllies

Sustain: Kraft n Art SuppliesTM a small biz start up initiative of Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc. 33% of profits are returned to RRC Inc., a self-funding Not for Profit, to cover the costs of resources and marketing, and to enable seed funding for other start-ups. All items are steralised in boiled water with enviro-friendly detergent and then rinsed in diluted cider vinegar.
Sustain can tailor sourcing of craft materials to suit your needs~ please let us know what your craft needs are, and we will do our best to source it. Our Recyclable items are donate by the Cairns Region community, and prepared where necessary by hygienic means. Less to the tip! The Sustain team aims to repurpose Recyclables to create sustainable incomes for those involved, whilst cutting costs for craft and art supplies for our clients.
We also come to you with our Sustain: Krafty Recyclable Parties and Workshops, contact us for further details.

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