American Hygienic Corporation

 RFI –introduced most robust range of Eco friendly products. The products are entirely or highly biodegradable made out of sustainable resources: We are committed to become world’s first company to produce Tree Free; highly sustainable & absorbent disposable paper products.. We are a proletariat organization that has accepted the challenge of growing back the rainforest & making tree free products. Our 1st project is to introduce PAPER made products containing 100% bamboo Pulp instead of Wood pulp. This is world`s 1st tree free paper with the same features & quality like the conventional paper we derived from wood pulp.


For every ton of paper our Eco Choice Range makes the following savings when compared to usual industrial methods:
17 trees spared.
7000 gallons of water saved.
4200 KWh less electricity is used.
3.3 cubic yard of landfill is gained.
20lbs CO2 emission reduction.

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