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CLOTH NAPPIES AT BUMPY BUNS - Compare a variety of cloth napy systems.

At Bumpy Buns we stock Australian cloth nappies for every style and budget.  From traditional terry squares to top of the line All in Twos and everything in between!

To complete your kit we also have a full range of accessories including nappy covers, wipes, liners boosters and wetbags, as well as swim nappies, toilet training pants, reusable breast pads and cloth menstrual pads.

Our brands include:  Baby Beehinds, Cushie Tushies, Peapods, Pikapu, Bum Cheeks, Eenee, Huggalugs, the Little Squirt, Pure Bamboo, Earthy Girls and more...

Wondering which is better?  Cloth vs Disposables?  Or are you new to cloth and still working your way through the maze of cloth nappy options?  Check out our website for a wealth of clear and helpful information to guide you through.  Still have questions?  Drop us a line, we're here to help!


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