Eco Baby Supplies

Purely organic, chemical-free and earth-friendly baby store. We at eco-baby specialise in organic newborn essentials, maternity and pregnancy care for mum, BPA free bottles and feeding, green/safe toddler and baby toys, modern cloth nappies, eco-disposable nappies, organic skincare, organic bedding plus much more! Our baby cot sets are designed for optimum comfort and made in 100% cotton. We use cotton because not only is it sustainable, biodegradable, renewable and pure, but also more eco-friendly than any other petroleum based chemical fibres. We cater to your baby's special and sensitive skin by sing turkish oil in all our products which is naturally thinner and silkier and has some great properties that make the fabric soft and breathable. Made with love, we assure you that our products will not cause any irritation or discomfort.

We actively test our products and assure them to be free of any harmful chemicals or toxins. We also strictly stand against child labour and all our manufacturers have fair and high standards of working conditions and ethics.

Eco Baby Supplies Products

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