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 Kid Whisperer is proud distributor of Pololo Eco Shoes for infants and children, handmade in Germany.

What is so special about Pololo?

Most industrial leathers have been tanned with chrome (chromium sulfate) and may cause contact dermatitis. Pololos are the best alternative to walking barefoot, because they are made from vegetable tanned leather or sheepskin.

Vegetable tanning protects the environment and health during both production and use.

More about Pololo:

- Pololo leather is chrome free

- tanned with renewable tanning agents

- Materials / skins from Germany - short transport routes

- Leather is free of biocides and other chemical preservatives

- Leathers are tested for skin comfort and allergy tested

- Leather dyes: use of heavy metal free leather dyes

- Pololo is a Greenpeace award winner

- Pololos are compostable

- Pololo does not use plastic packaging; waste is avoided

- Pololos are handmade in Germany


Pololo - Kid Whisperer Products

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