Sankofa is a retail and on-line fair trade store specialising in quality, handcrafted products from Africa.

Sankofa is a mythical West African bird that symbolises the importance of learning from the past in moving to the future. This symbol is at the very heart of Sankofa the business, as we source products that respect traditional handicraft techniques in the creation of designs for the future.

You will find products made using traditional skills that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years and are passed down from generation to generation. We have products made using the lost wax brass process, bronze, recycled glass beads, kente weaving, batiking, Tuareg leather work, mudcloth and much more. While the techniques haven't changed, our skilled artisans use them to create beautiful products for today's socially conscious shopper.

We sell textiles, baskets, jewellery, homewares and accessories, children's clothing and toys, as well as fair trade coffee, tea and fair trade chocolate – there's something for everyone.

Sankofa Products

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