Smelly Bag

Smelly Bag is a staple for all mums struggling with the potty training phase of their toddlers. It is an eco-friendly, waterproof, and reusable bag that you can carry on with you wherever you go and safely contain soiled clothes. The Smelly Bag can be machined washed and hung to dry. 

With Smelly Bags, you can rest assured there'll be no leakage or smells.  It easily folds into your nappy bag for when your out and about with your baby. Smelly Bag is an excellent alternative to plastic bags for eco-mums who are looking to do their part for a healthier environment. Take home any dirty clothes or cloth nappies, discrete and risk-free! Keep soiled clothes separated and ready for a wash with our range of colourful options. 

The Smelly Bag is multipurpose as it works as a kid's swimming bag or even a great way to store away your gym clothes after a gruelling workout!

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